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Balancewear Vests and Spinocerebellar Ataxia 3


Olive , Good that it worked out for you. I wish they had branch in India. They said it ONLY in US.


Dear Olive, So glad your mom likes her vest and that it's working out so well! It's ALWAYS good to hear positive things...,thanks for sharing..., ;o)


Question for Lynn you say Kaiser may cover, did you go thru them. I asked my doctor pcp and he does not know anything about it but he is thinking maybe it is phony by his reaction. I am trying to find the address of the store in Roseville Ca near me to talk with them. On the motion wear site I think they say one of the vests is covered by medicare if I am reading it right.


I e-mailed motion wear and got the address of the local office and lo and behold it is connected to kaiser some how and I am a member, The vest is covered by medicare in some instances. She told me to ask my doctor for physical therapy evaluation and then I can get evaluated. I wonder if it is covered under the plan I am under. Well we will see monday.


Hey guys, how is it going with them vests?


Didn’t work for me at all as I am using a walker all the time now.


It helps me, but certainly does not cure ny ataxta, but I am working on healing from my broken leg, so I’m not doing anything with it now. Oh, I don’t have SCA 3 which the OP asked about.


I am just now reading your message about Balancewear Vest. I never heard of them but it sounds like wearing ankle weights or back pack with weights. I understand it helps and my home Theropist with me proved in other ways that it does help using weights. I thought of a simple thing and that it just don’t pick up your feets to high from off the floor, don’t make your strids while walking to long, and be caution while on wet floors.


I’m glad to hear the positive feedback on these vests. I’m almost afraid of them: I know what it’s like to have something to carry and finding that Iit throws me off balance so easily. I have had enough falls that I know using a walker (“rollator”) is my safest option. I think the vests are only a temporary fix. I don’t think anyone can wear one all day, so seems to be more of a burden to me. But if it helps someone, I am all for it.
So for those of you that are using a vest please keep us posted here as I’m sure some people are still trying to decide if they should move forward with that idea.


Hello Olive, I’ve been wearing the balance vest since Oct. 2017. I highly recommend it, after the physical therapist did the initial evaluation and putting a vest on me, my walking improved by at least 75% from where I was when I walked in. Periodically I find it necessary to have an adjustment of the weights.


Hi… I have SCA 3, this is the first time I’ve heard of this. Did it work for your mom?