Ataxian voice


Not for the first time, I've had a complaint about my ataxian voice. They tell me to stop shouting and squeaking and raising the pitch of my voice. These complaints make me angry. It's as if they would tell a man who has had his legs amputated to walk a bit better. I appreciate they don't understand as they cannot see the muscles in my throat which aren't working properly so perhaps I shouldn't be angry - especially as I don't understand very well myself!

I've wondered though if there might be something I could do. Has anyone got any good ideas?


Peter, I’m forever raising my voice, and over-empathising words to my husband. Between his tinnitus and my ataxia…!

I often feel people leave me out of a group conversation, perhaps they didn’t hear me speak? I’m much better one to one. Although I do have problems occasionally on the telephone, some people speak so quickly and it takes time for my brain to catch up :slight_smile:

Ask for referral to a Speech Therapist, they can often give useful advice :slight_smile:

I would say go to a speech therapist also.

I don't have your problem but sometimes I slur my words and I was having some problems with swallowing/choking. Speech therapy helped with both.