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Accidental discovery reveals possible link between cerebellar function and motivation


It was perfectly clear to me (azurelle explained it brilliantly), but then I have a fair amount of training in the area, as well it was a scholarly article so some assumptions are made as to who the reader is. I don’t know you lin-da, but having suffered from an invisible disease for many years, and despite it taking a turn towards the terminal as it overtakes my organs, its still invisible to most (as I prepare fore my 6th surgery of the year.) I learned a long time ago defensiveness is not helpful. Those who want to understand will those who don’t, just give 'em the bird and move on. And in a bit of unsolicited advice, deal with what you can, get help getting past the understandable anger and waste no time looking for folks to blame on your end. As always keep that middle finger limber, in good shape, use it when necessary and do what you need to do to get to the next day.


Thank you. After 50+ years with Ataxia I’ve learned some things that I wanted to share. But I see that I only get abused here. So this is my last post.


oh Im not blaming anyone, just saying I found the article offensive. You dont know what the researcher meant you cannily interpret it. I agreed that azurelle may have a point but I didn’t see the article that way. I dont appreciate the negativeness that you seem to point my way. Im not defensive i have a right to have an opinion. theres a difference. at this point im tired of being abused for just having an opinion. bye,.


Im with you, this is my last post because I end up getting abused for having an opinion.


You @lin-da n are certainly entitled to any opinion you wish to have, but the abuse seems more directed to a large number of folks, including my staff who really don’t have time to be directly involved in the discussions, who have taken time to ATTEMPT to explain material that it appears you don’t understand and why the discovery of a brain chemistry link by arguably the best researchers in Ataxia is not only pretty darn exciting is also will be the base of some effective treatment very soon. @Chas521 has it when he says doing something is better than doing nothing or perpetuating the “victim” status. He clearly does not let himself be defined by his condition. I really hope continues to share. We all can learn much from his wisdom and experience



I hate to see anyone leaving. I know I appreciate your perspectives. I have learned from every one and value you and your many contributions.