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What is Ataxia?

The word "ataxia", comes from the Greek word, " a taxis" meaning "without order or incoordination". The word ataxia means without coordination. People with ataxia have problems with coordination because parts of the nervous system that control movement and balance are affected. Ataxia may affect the fingers, hands, arms, legs, body, speech, and eye movements. Ataxia is often used to describe a symptom of incoordination which can be associated with infections, injuries, other diseases, or degenerative changes in the central nervous system.


Its National Poetry Day

Started by FeelingOurWay in General yesterday. 0 Replies

Thought this was appropriate to mark the day.“The Waking”by Theodore RoethkeI Wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.I learn by going where I have to go.We think by feeling. What is there to know?I hear my being…Continue


Started by bob in General. Last reply by Kay yesterday. 4 Replies

does anyone else out there have weakness in there thumbs? my hands seem to be fairly strong.  Even though my hands\fingers remain strong i find that every year i seem to be losing strength in my thumbs. while it is easy to exercise my hands i am not…Continue


Started by mibadge in General. Last reply by Ozzy yesterday. 7 Replies

Does anybody else have sleep issues;how do you get a good nights sleep?When I don't get a good nights sleep (which is most nights)I'm shot the next day.It really affects my speech and my walking!!Continue


Started by Caz1961 in Symptoms and their Management. Last reply by Caz1961 on Tuesday. 10 Replies

Im starting to clear my throat a lot.  But when I want to swallow afterwards, its a real effort; it feels like I have just put that anaesthetic spray down my throat and so it doesn't work properly. It feels like the muscles are too big or…Continue

Ataxia sucks @ any age

Started by mibadge in General. Last reply by GGirl33 on Monday. 3 Replies

HI my name is Ron and I was diagnosed to a lifetime of Ataxia in April of 2008 by a major university in the state of Michigan.At first it wasn't so bad.Mostly it was a slured word or a little stumble.Now I can barely talk and I am limited to walking…Continue

Parents of Children with Ataxia

Started by Beryl Park in General. Last reply by Beryl Park Sep 28. 2 Replies

Perhaps parents just aren't aware but for those of you who have children with ataxia there's a separate sub group :-)A special understanding and emotional support can often only be given by other parents whose child copes with challenging symptoms.Continue


Started by bloodaxe in General. Last reply by sunny8088 Oct 2. 5 Replies

 Well, I`ve recently been diagnosed as having Multiple System Atrophy, bu**er!Continue

FA & Generation

Started by sunny8088 in General. Last reply by Beryl Park Sep 28. 4 Replies

Can FA skip generations !Like my father had , my brother has , his son hasMy sister do not have , can his son develop this !Continue

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Elle Strik replied to Elle Strik's discussion Anyone out there with a total hip replacement?
"Hello there Gail Thanks for your response. I also had the steelwork after I broke my hip in 2010. However, I have not been without a 4-legged walking aid ever since. What I have now is complete necrosis of the femural head of the once broken hip.…"
14 hours ago
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16 hours ago
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21 hours ago
FeelingOurWay posted a discussion

Its National Poetry Day

Thought this was appropriate to mark the day.“The Waking”by Theodore RoethkeI Wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.I learn by going where I have to go.We think by feeling. What is there to know?I hear my being…See More
Ozzy replied to mibadge's discussion sleep
"..Avoid opioid analgesics! A mild prescribed sedative is what I use with great results.."
Ozzy liked mibadge's discussion sleep
Ozzy liked bob's discussion hands
Kay replied to bob's discussion hands
"Not one digit, but I am having trouble writing and typing."

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Posted by Caz1961 on October 4, 2015

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Posted by mibadge on October 5, 2015

3 Ataxia sucks @ any age

Ataxia sucks @ any age

Posted by mibadge on October 4, 2015

4 hands


Posted by bob on October 5, 2015

5 Exercise!!!! , what kind,,

Exercise!!!! , what kind,,

Posted by Mach6 on February 19, 2015

6 Anyone out there with a total hip replacement?

Anyone out there with a total hip replacement?

Posted by Elle Strik on August 13, 2015


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